The Pittwater House Parents Association

The main function the Pittwater House Parents' Association (PHPA) is to fundraise through numerous events during the school year. All money raised goes back to the school to fund various projects, equipment, resources and upgrades to enhance our school. The PHPA also provides vital services to the school through the School Canteen and Second Hand Uniform Shop.

Its other function is to get involved in the school community and develop the school family spirit through social functions. Socialising with school families helps create an important network which is the fabric of our school community.


The PHPA meets approximately once a month at the School to discuss current fundraising activities. It also uses this time as a forum to brainstorm new initiatives. The committee holds an open PHPA meeting in Semester 2 and an AGM in November, both of which are open to all parents who wish to attend.

How has the PHPA contributed?

Since the PHPA first started, it has provided the school with many facilities that have greatly enhanced Pittwater House. Some of the facilities and equipment purchased with these funds include the school swimming pool, amphitheatre, shade structures throughout the campus, air-conditioning for the Junior School classrooms, sports equipment, musical instruments and the refurbishment of School areas such as the library, canteen and Year 12 common room.

How to get involved

Parents wishing to donate their time and enthusiasm are always welcome! Two vital ways to contribute are by donating time to the canteen and/or School events: 


The Canteen relies on parent volunteers to come in and help throughout the year. Each year group is allocated one week in Semester 1 and one week in Semester 2 to fill the volunteer roster. In order for the canteen to function smoothly we need two volunteers each day. We also have a standby volunteer list in case a class can’t fill all the volunteer spots during a week. There is also an option to sign up for regular canteen slots if you would like. Please contact us at


All the fundraising events run by the PHPA take a lot of man hours to accomplish. If you’d like the opportunity to be involved with helping out at one of the events please get in touch at

Trivia night 2017
Trivia night 2017
Twilight Markets 2016
Twilight Markets 2016
Mothers Day Luncheon 2017
Mothers Day Luncheon 2017
Parents on Mothers Day 2017
Parents on Mothers Day 2017

Committe members

Lucy Dennison – Co-President
Catriona Gillespie – Co-President
Amber Potter – Vice President
Kate Parsons – Treasurer
Denise Taylor – Secretary
Connie Pople – Network Parent Liaison
Katie Chambers
Joe Jones
David McLean
Helen McMahon
Eleni Mitakos
Laura Suttor

“The PHPA is a vibrant network of families, which is the fabric of our school community.”