How to enrol

Due to overwhelming demand, we only have limited vacancies at Pittwater House. To enter, you will be required to follow our formal enrolment process.

We strongly recommend you submit your application well in advance. For Year 7, we recommend applying at least three to four years prior to entry.

Entry points

Our main entry points into the school include our Early Childhood Centre (three and four year olds), Kindergarten, Year 5 and Year 7. Places may also become available in other years.

How to apply

Local students (Australian residents) should:

  • Complete an Enrolment Form

  • Pay the $220 application fee (options for payment are listed on the form), for online payment click here.

Submit the Enrolment Form with the appropriate supporting documentation as identified in the Application Checklist.

International students should visit this page.

Enrolment fees (local students)

Application Fee: $220

Definite Place Fee: $1400

See the 2017 Pittwater House Easy-Fee Tuition Schedule.

All fees are non-refundable and include GST where applicable.

If more than one sibling is enrolled at the same time, a discount of 10% on Definite Place Fees is applicable to the second and all subsequent children.

Children of a Pittwater House Alumni (Pittwater House graduate) are eligible for a discount on their enrolment fees. Contact the Registrar at

The enrolment process

Year 7 admission

  • All applications for Year 7 are placed on a waitlist and processed together approximately two years prior to the year of commencement

  • We make offers after we conduct interviews and consider other supporting information, including school reports and NAPLAN results

Kindergarten and four year old room in the Early Childhood Centre (ECC)

  • All new applications to enter Kindergarten or the 4 year old program in our ECC will be offered 12 months in advance

Immediate enrolment procedures (within two years)

  • Complete and submit the Enrolment Form with supporting documentation (see the Application Checklist) and payment for the application fee

  • Your application will be placed on a waitlist

  • Should a place become available, we will contact you to arrange an interview

Future enrolment procedures (over two years)

  • Complete and submit the Enrolment Form with all supporting documentation (see the Application Checklist) and payment of the application fee

  • Once processed, we will send you a letter to confirm a place on the waiting list

  • Approximately 18-24 months prior to the planned commencement of school, we will contact you for an interview.

After the interview

  • Following the interview, we will forward your application to the school's Admissions Board for assessment

  • Following the assessment you will be notified of a 'definite place' offer (if applicable)

  • Acceptance of the definite place offer is secured when you have returned all subsequent documents, signed them and paid the fee within 14 days of receiving the letter

Learn more about the conditions of enrolment

Interstate enrolments

Applications for enrolment can be organised before you arrive in Sydney. Please contact the Admissions Office for assistance, during business hours, on 02 9972 5789 or email us at

International enrolments

If you are an international student (a non-Australian resident) looking to enrol at Pittwater House, please click here for more information.


You can view the Pittwater House Prospectus here.