Posted on March 04, 2015

Gifted Students Show Their Smarts at Pittwater House

Pittwater House School recently hosted a special program for Gifted and Talented students in Years 1-6. 

More than 60 students from Sydney's Northern Beaches, including Pittwater House students and students from other schools, gathered at Pittwater House to enjoy challenging and intellectually stimulating fun.

The two-day program was organised by G.A.T.EWAYS, which is an independent, non-funded organisation, established in 1994 to provide opportunities for highly able and gifted children. Day one of the program was for Year 4-6 and day two for Year 1-3.

The Years 1 - 3 programs offered at Pittwater House explored DNA and was themed around 'The Case of the Nibbled Birthday Cake'; a separate class was held on 'Bubble Brilliance' which explored how bubbles are created, how to alter their shape, colour and temperature; a hands-on workshop on making polymers was also run, which explained what polymers are and how to use them.

The Year 4-6 programs included a session which explored how to extract the secrets of DNA; another workshop covered light, how we see it, bend it and reflect it. It also delved into fibre optics, refraction and how to detect ultra violet light. Finally, a workshop was presented on the human brain and neuroscience.

Similar Gifted and Talented programs will be delivered in Terms 2, 3 and 4 at Pittwater House for students from within the School and from the wider community. Term 2 will focus on Maths, Term 3 will cover the History of Games and Term 4 will see the delivery of a language and literature program called ' Mystery, Magic and Mayhem'.

To find out more about the future programs being run at Pittwater House, visit

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