Posted on July 28, 2015

Principal's Award

Over 30 students at Pittwater House School were awarded the esteemed Principal’s Award, last week at a ceremony attended by the students families.  

This Award went to the top placed students in Years 7 to 11 who were acknowledged for their dedication, grit and courage through the Semester.

 Year 7 College

1st place, Sophie Rutzou; 2nd place, Emily Zhou and 3rd place, Angelica Vaokakala

Year 7 Grammar

1st place, Callum Metzke; 2nd place, Finley Draffin-Jacquin and 3rd place, Lachlan Freund

Year 8 College

1st place, Ashley Potter; 2nd place, Lara Huby-Stewart and 3rd place, Daya Chadda-Harmer

Year 8 Grammar

1st place, Ryan Garay; 2nd place, Naveen Dhillon and 3rd place, Callum Walton

Year 9 College

1st place, Kiara Butera; 2nd place, Isabella Fordy and 3rd place, Lydia Catlin-Struthers

Year 9 Grammar

1st place, Felix Jones; 2nd place, Finlay Dennison and 3rd place, Reiley Dunlop

Year 10 College

1st place, Nicola Hook; 2nd place, Eloise Bowyer and 3rd place, Wanjia (Selina) Lu

Year 10 Grammar

1st place, Elliot Milijasevic; 2nd place, Tal Weiner and 3rd place Hugh Ebeling

Year 11 College

1st place, Ella Mander-Jones; 2nd place, Bianca Keating and 3rd place Ella Trevena

Year 11 Grammar

1st place, Mitchell Scott; 2nd place, Callum Howe and 3rd place Henry Beard

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