Posted on February 22, 2018

Changes to NAPLAN

A major announcement about NAPLAN was made by NSW Education Minister Rob Stokes today. The Minister has announced that the Year 9 NAPLAN will no longer be used as an early way for students to demonstrate the minimum standard of literacy and numeracy needed to receive the HSC. This change has been made to ensure the purpose of NAPLAN remains focused on being a diagnostic tool, rather than a high pressure test causing undue stress.

This does not remove the NSW Governments commitment to maintaining minimum standards of literacy and numeracy to receive a HSC. Therefore, instead of this being measured through NAPLAN, all students will have to demonstrate their achievement of these standards through the completion of online computer tests, when they believe they have met the standard throughout Year 10, 11 or 12 and after the HSC.  

So in summary:

  • The 2018 Year 9 will still do NAPLAN (paper test). However, it is not associated with the minimum standards to achieve a HSC.
  • The 2019 Year 10 will have their first opportunity (schedule still to be released) to sit on-line minimum standards tests in literacy and numeracy (three tests covering reading, writing and numeracy).
  • They can continue to attempt these tests through to Year 12 and after the HSC.
  • They will not receive a HSC until they complete the minimum standard tests. Until we hear otherwise, they will still be eligible to receive an ATAR (university entrance rank).  

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