Principal's Blog

Posted on December 18, 2017

A final message for the year

Dr Nancy Hillier

As the School year draws to a close, I reflect on the meaning of success and achievement in our School.

Much of the press and our government legislators measure School success through the lens of examination results, and although these statistics are important, I like to also consider how we succeed in terms of preparing our young people to become capable adults who can stand on their own two feet, be good citizens and help improve the lives of others.

Behind the academic achievements at Pittwater House is a School family and environment that is nurturing, considerate and encouraging.

When a child arrives at Pittwater House, he or she arrives with a unique set of skills. These skills need to be given unique opportunities, with each student working with their teachers who are the ‘curators of learning opportunities’.

We encourage our young people to be explorers in all senses, discovering different people and places, and seeking out new interests and ideas.

I am confident that we are giving our students skills and interests that last a lifetime, and that we are assisting them to discover their own true selves, and giving them the resilience to tackle the next stage of their education, and life, with a sense of confidence and optimism.

Walking around our beautiful School, I see a community that is humming with activity, energy and enthusiasm; a School in which students enjoy working together in formal and informal settings; where teams benefit from every member and where students proudly taken their place on stage, on the sports field, or in debate.

As I reflect on our success as a School, I am perhaps most proud of the significant role that Pittwater House plays in laying the foundations for your children to enjoy fulfilment and success throughout the rest of their lives.

Much of our success is thanks to an exceptional team here at the School and to my team – thank you for your work and dedication to your students this and every year.

Best of luck to our fine students finishing with us this year, may you continue to grow, learn and explore.