Pastoral Care Program

We see it as our job to build emotionally resilient, community-minded young people. We achieve this through our intensive Pastoral Care Program such that students feel simultaneously challenged and supported.

Pastoral care runs throughout everyday life at Pittwater House, giving your child support at every age and every stage. At the same time, we encourage our students to step up and take on leadership positions in a variety of areas, both within school and in the wider community.

Parents and students love our pastoral care services. Pastoral care starts in pre-school and extends until the end of Year 12; it is continuously evolving to adapt to changing issues.

Hierarchy of care

When your child joins Pittwater House, they join a network of care where there is always someone to reach out to.

It all starts with the Form groups. Every student from Kindergarten to Year 12 is placed in a single-sex Form group. These are the centrepieces of the pastoral care network. Each Form group is led by a Form teacher who acts as the first point of contact for students and their parents with regards to any aspect of life at Pittwater House. Students can seek support and talk to their Form teacher about any issues they may be having.

The Junior Girls’ College, Preparatory School, Girls’ College and Boys' Grammar School are each led by the Heads of School who provides further pastoral support and guidance to the students under their care. The program works in close co-operation with the Deputy Principal and the Principal; this ensures that every student is given the maximum support to achieve their potential and enjoy their time at Pittwater House.

Additional staff members, including qualified school counsellors, are also available to assist students and parents at any time.

Our Pastoral Care Program

Our Pastoral Care Program is made up of the various, formal sub-programs discussed below.

Courage Program

This is the overarching wellbeing platform for Years 7 to 12. This multi-faceted program is highly structured and covers personal growth and leadership. It includes units on leadership, wellbeing and academic mentoring.


With qualified psychologists and other education experts, Bounceback is a proactive program that helps students develop a stronger sense of wellbeing and teaches them how to be more resilient, confident and successful.

Our Journey

Working with REACH, an independent youth organisation, our students learn about the importance of believing in themselves. The program inspires young people to get the most out of life, go beyond their comfort zone, create connections, discover their strengths and build their self-worth.

We offer Our Journey to girls in Years 7-11 and boys in Years 9-11.

RUA: Respect, Understanding and Acceptance

RUA gives Year 9 students a greater awareness of learning beyond the classroom. This unique program cultivates teamwork, resilience, a sense of belonging and an increased awareness of diversity within our community.

World Challenge

World Challenge helps young people explore their limits and grow in confidence, resourcefulness and global citizenship through life-changing experiences. Learn more here.

Buddy Program

Our Buddy Program helps students feel confident when entering the next phase of their education.

Buddies start with Year 4 and 5 students looking after the youngest students in our Early Childhood Centre. Again, in Kindergarten, students are paired with a Year 6 student who will help them feel safe in Junior School.

When commencing Year 7, students buddy with Year 11 students to settle into life in Senior School.

The Year 7 and 8 students also have a Buddy Program. The Year 8 students talk to the Year 7 students about their experiences, and the sessions encourage discussion, friendship and a real sense of connection.

Connections Program

Year 9 boys and girls take part in a gender-specific Connections Program. It helps them develop greater awareness of themselves, their peers and learning beyond the classroom.

Pastoral Care for Girls

Empowerment Program

Empowerment - College Year 7

An important part of the College’s pastoral commitment is to help students to develop their social relationships and to encourage the students to respect themselves and others.

The objectives of the Year 7 program are to:

  • Encourage each student to recognize and share their talents and gifts.
  • Respect and value themselves
  • Assist them to recognize and value the talents and gifts of others.
  • Encourage community building within the Year group.

Empowerment - College Year 8

At this stage of their lives – as our girls develop greater independence and reflect on who they are and where they belong – we recognise the importance of and strive to foster a strong sense of self-worth and belonging.

The objectives of the Year 8 program are:

  • A connected and respectful community
  • Positive self-esteem
  • Self discipline
  • Effective learning and striving for personal best

Empowerment - College Year 9

The Connections Program has been specifically designed by Pittwater House to allow our Year 9 girls to develop greater awareness of themselves, their peers and learning beyond the classroom.

Pastoral Care for Boys

Good Men Great

Working with local psychologist and well known author, expert Gunter Swoboda, fathers, teachers and boys explore and learn about the key characteristics of good men and good fathers. This is a highly practical and experiential program that evolves sequentially throughout the boys’ time at Pittwater House.

The Big Brogram

This groundbreaking program is aimed at changing the way masculinity is perceived by boys at Pittwater House. The underlying goal of the program is to create a culture of support to allow the boys to discuss any problems they may have and get help and support.

Leadership Program

We believe every one of our students can become a great leader. The Leadership Program is available to all students in Year 9 and onwards. This program helps students develop the confidence, skills and professionalism to be an inspiring leader. Learn more about our Leadership Program.

“The very essence of our daily work focuses on support for each student, their happiness, their opportunity and their academic success.”

Dr Nancy Hillier, Principal